Pop Up Catering

We offer pop-up food stalls and bars for large events. Choose from sweet, savoury or both!

Pop up stall

Our versatile pop-up stalls can offer a range of hot food options suitable for satisfying large crowds.

Hot Donuts: irresistible fresh donuts topped with cinnamon sugar or Nutella.

Pie & Chips: our classic homestyle pies made in-house, with gravy and curry sauce options. Customers can choose from hearty steak and ale, chicken and mushroom, tasty vegetable or chicken curry pies.

Burgers/Sliders & Chips: delicious full-size or slider style burgers to suit your event. Burger options include premium beef patties, lamb kofta, pulled pork, and halloumi and mushroom burgers for a vegetarian alternative.

Traditional British Fish & Chips: the classic chip shop special: crispy fried fish, chunky chips and sauces.

Curry & Rice: British style Indian curries served with pappadums, chutney and naan bread. Your choice of potato and chickpea curry, chicken tikka masala and classic butter chicken.

Sausage sizzle: an obvious favourite for those summer events

Pop Up Bar: Epic Catering’s full portable bar set-up is perfect for hassle-free drinks catering, complete with our RSA certified service staff.

Pop up catering packages are priced according to requirements – get in touch to find out we can help.

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